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Cabana Design and Specifications


The Sweetwater Cabana extends the luxury of your property. An affordable and shaded retreat that is not only elegant, functional and beautiful, but offers versatility of use. The Cabana will transform any garden or poolside in a harmonious experience promising relaxation, rejuvenation and personal reflection.


The custom designed Sweetwater Cabanas are individually and beautifully handcrafted in Java, Indonesia. Using only superior materials and quality workmanship, the Java craftsman are known for their attention to detail as well as their passion for wood work. Our Cabana production uses the same technique as when constructing knock-down houses. These structures are traditionally built from the ground up, inspected and then knocked down for packing. This type of building construction ensures that the cut wood and drilled holes fit perfectly every time. Quality workmanship also includes mortise and tenon joints and bolted construction. Our customers can be reassured that when they receive a Cabana to assemble, it will be accomplished smoothly and efficiently.

The Sweetwater Cabana frames are made from beautiful recycled Teak finished with the richness of Teak oil. They are insect resistant, very durable and suitable for outdoor use. Most importantly, all the wood used for the Cabanas is recycled from structures, so the wood shrinkage is completely minimized. Each wood piece is carefully labeled for rapid on-site installation. The Sweetwater Cabana frames are designed for strength, longevity and durability against strong winds and inclement weather.


Platform Size 6' 10" x 6' 10"
Mattress Size 6' x 6'
Post Height 6' 10"
Peak Height 8' 10"
Platform Height (Off the ground) 1' 4"
Railing Height (Off the Platform) 1' 6"
Canopy Height 6'
Rafter Overhang (corner) 2' 5"
Canopy Coverage 10' x 10'
Cabana Weight 460 lbs


Recycled Teak with Teak oil finish.
4" x 4" Column Posts, 2" x 6" Sit Frame Rails, 2" x 4" Main Sub & Middle Beams
1" x 4" Top Beams, 1"x2" Corner & Middle Beams & Beam Roof Strut
1" x 6" Floor Boards, 1½" Railings, Wedges
Mortise & Tenon Construction for Platform Base (Column Post & Main Sub Beams)
Countersunk Bolt Holes and Inserts
Stainless Steel Hardware


The Sweetwater Cabana canopy is made from 100% Sunbrella® fabric, a product of Glen Raven, Inc. This acrylic fabric has many applications, but this particular heavier grade of Sunbrella is used for awning and marine products. Sunbrella's well known properties include its ability to not fade in the presence of harmful ultra-violet rays, to remain completely waterproof and mildew resistant as well as being easy to clean. The canopy has a lifespan of 4-6 years.

The canopy is draped and fitted over the roof of the frame and then secured to the frame at the ends of the eight rafters of the roof with Velcro boots. Web ties along the inside seam of the canopy are then tied to the inside rafters for additional security. There is also a wind flap at the peak that allows excess winds and gusts to escape. For winds that exceed 25 mph, we recommend that the canopy be taken off the frame, which can be easily removed in a moments notice.

Cabana Canopy: Sunbrella fabric available colors in stock are True Brown, Wheat, & Natural.

Sweetwater Cabana True Brown Sunbrella Canopy Sweetwater Cabana Wheat Sunbrella Canopy Sweetwater Cabana Natural Sunbrella Canopy
True Brown Wheat Natural

To custom order a specific canopy color expect an additional 3-week lead-time to ship your order (additional charges may apply). Click for custom canopy color ordering information and to view available colors. 


Not everyone who purchases the Cabana has in mind to use it as a daybed and therefore the mattress and slipcover are sold as separate items. For those who do plan to use it as a daybed, ordering the foam mattress separately allows the customer to choose the foam mattress grade of their choice as well a wide selection of slipcover colors and patterns. These can be ordered directly and easily through a website called www.foamorder.com. The price for the foam mattress and slipcover averages around $550. A guide to ordering from foamorder.com can be found here.


The Sweetwater Cabana is pre-fabricated (pre-cut and pre-drilled frame) for easy on-site assembly.  All frame components are carefully labeled as to correspond with the step-by-step directions with 3-D illustrations. Allow 4- 6 hours assembly time (1-2 ppl.)

In most states, the Sweetwater Cabana does not require a permit as the square footage is under 120 sq. ft., which is the footage limit in the majority of states and counties. Also, no foundation is required.

Our cabanas can be relocated anytime to a new location by partial or complete disassembling of structure and then simple reassembling.


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